The only thing predictable about my life is that it’s unpredictable, and I like to keep it that way.

I also like dad jokes. And Prince. And I hate writing bios. 


Here’s a quick recap of how my life went to get me to here: 


Get into college. Study Fine Art.  “You can’t make money with art, Danae”. Add Psychology. Double degree Fine Art and Psychology. Apply to graduate school for Psychology. Get in. Have existential crisis. Realize I hate psychology. Follow art. Become graphic designer.  Become storyboard artist. Become production designer. Stumble upon Advertising. Become art director. Do cool things. Tell more dad jokes. Listen to more Prince. Update website bio.


And now I’m lucky enough to get to do cool things with rad people for awesome brands. 


If you want to see that summed up in a dull way, 

This is my resume. 


If you want to work together, 

This is where you can contact me. 

If you want to hear a joke about construction, 

come back later, I’m still working on them.