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Oh Hey, this is me. 

Not a fan of writing bios so I’ll keep it short. 


I got my BFA in Fine art and Psychology and my MS in Philosophy. After my quarterlife crisis, I ended up in advertising by mistake; turns out I’m pretty good at it. It’s the perfect balance of creativity and thinking that I was craving. Also, apparently all creatives wear black, so that worked out with my wardrobe.


I’m a firm believer of never half-assing things and always doing cool shit no matter what you do, so I get pretty passionate about good work. I've worked with agencies form east coast to west coast and some pretty big clients, including Google, Netflix, Youtube, WhatsApp, McDonalds, Sol Beer, Coors Light, Miller Lite, Global Citizen, Quickbooks, Tobacco Free Florida, California Lottery, Change the Ref, and more. I've also done illustrations for companies like Disney, Shein, Jarritos, and more. 

I’m a Mexican immigrant and proud of my heritage, I even created this brand called Hecho En to empower Latinos. On my free time I continue to make art, which I’ll sell and showcase in galleries. I also run a design studio with my partner called Stbrn Studios. Mocosa has been my nickname since I was 3 and now I use it for everything. You can find me at your local taco shop like any good Mexican.

Awards & Other Cool Stuff:

Project Isaac Award Webby Nominee in Advertising

Search Responsibly, Free Radicals, 2018

Creative Conscience Award | Gold

Spotter, Spotify, 2019

ANA Multicultural Excellence Awards

Category Winner, Sol Beer, 2019

Communication Arts 2019 Shortlist

Lüerzer’s Archive August 2019

Ads of the World

El Ojo de Iberoamérica: Silver

Expecting, Paws 4 You, 2019

Young Lions Hispanic Competition First Place Winner

Tienditas, Film 2021

Young Lions World Competition

Dear Boomer, Film Shortlist 2021

Campaign BIG Awards Juror

2021, Social Media

Circulo Creativo Mental Health Seminar

2021, Panelist

Effie Awards

2022, Silver  Quickbooks - Cuadernito

Campaign US Article: 2021 here

Shoutout Miami Article: 2022 here. 


Download my resume here.