Activist Art

Since college, I have been making art that makes a statement regarding political issues in the US. I continue to expand my collection of activist pieces with more relevant topics and have been privileged to showcase it in gallery exhibitions throughout the US. The most recent pieces are at the top of the gallery.  

Artist Statement

As a Mexican immigrant I am influenced and inspired by both the Mexican culture of my family and the adopted culture of my new home in the United States. As a minority, I am continuously angered by the current political climate and so focus my art on political activism that will spark conversations in hopes of change. This work sheds light on systematic cultural conditions that further promote inequality by portraying the different realities and challenges that Americans face in the current political climate in the United States.  Through my work, I seek to challenge and deconstruct the political issues facing immigrants and other minorities and hope to start a conversation outside of the current digital atmosphere. My goal is to create art that connects not only to the Mexican immigrant and minority community, but that also speaks to the American community by touching on issues and conditions that might make them uncomfortable in our current state in the United States. In so doing, my work enables me to become an advocate for immigrants and minorities in order to expose inequalities in a manner and setting not normally accessible by the communities affected.

Gallery Exhibits

2020 Politically Charged Exhibition, Blue Line Arts Gallery. Roseville, CA

2015 Semblance. Cornell Fine Arts Center, Rollins College. Winter Park, FL

2016 Unabbreviated. Cornell Fine Arts Museum, Rollins College. Winter Park, FL