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Expecting Unconditional Love: Paws 4 You

Today, families, as we traditionally know them, have changed. At the same time, the idea of having children has also changed. While some do want to have children, others don’t even contemplate it. And there are others who physically cannot even conceive. But independent of each person and their motives, objectives and ideologies, having a family and becoming a parent is something fundamental, no matter what kind. Paws4You is an adoption house that gives people the opportunity to have a family by adopting a dog, and feel the same emotion and love as if they had a child.


Print advertisement created by Alma, United States for Paws 4 You.

Communication Arts 2019 Advertising Shortlist

August 2019 edition of Lüerzer’s Archive

Ads of the World link.

El Ojo de Iberoamérica: Silver

Role: Art Director

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