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Empowering Latinos: Hecho En

As a side project I recently launched an independently published magazine and website called Hecho En with the goal of showcasing and empowering Hispanic creators of all kinds. We are often underrepresented in our industries and communities and the goal was to show that Hispanic creators are in fact out there and making cool things, all in hopes of inspiring future Hispanics to pursue their passions and their arts. The magazine and the website showcase short and long form interviews with creators of all kinds, from photographers, directors, artists, writers, tattoo artists, to chefs. They all have amazing content to share and we're happy to give them a platform to do so. The magazines are printed three times a year, with each page uniquely designed to give each person a different look that matched their work and their style. With the purchase of the magazine and other products, we donate back to social causes and the community, having already donated to the NAACP, the National Immigrant Justice Center, the Minnesota Freedom Fund, the ACLU, and local latino communities. 

Below is our manifesto video and our Volume II of the magazine. For more info on Hecho En please check out the sites :)

You can check out the website at .

You can also check out our IG @hechoen_co

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