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Danae Nunez is a Mexican artist born and raised in Mexico City, Mexico. She currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.


Her practice infuses a rich tapestry of Mexican cultural elements with introspective explorations of Latino identity. Through a diverse range of mediums, from paintings, drawings and mixed media, she examines the intersections of her own immigrant experience within the broader context of Latino identity and the prevailing political climate. 


Her work serves as a poignant critique of cultural stereotypes, challenging conventional narratives and inviting viewers to reconsider their perspective of Mexican immigrants and women.


Danae grapples with the fluidity of her Latino identity shaped by a diaspora, using her art as a vehicle of self-reflection and societal reevaluation. By incorporating traditional Mexican imagery and cultural metaphors, she offers a fresh perspective of on the immigrant experience while reconnecting with her own familial heritage through practice.



2017 - 2022

Masters of Science, Philosophy. University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh

2012 - 2016

Honors Bachelor of Arts, Fine Art and Psychology. Rollins College, Winter Park.




Lucha Libre Exhibition. Latino Cultural Center. Dallas, TX.


Politically Charged. Blue Line Arts. Roseville, CA. 


Semblance. Cornell Fine Arts Center at Rollins College. Winter Park, FL. 


Unabbreviated. Cornell Fine Arts Museum at Rollins College. Winter Park, FL. 

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